👋🏽 Hi, my name is Nelson

🎓 Grad of NYU with a Bachelor's of Science in Science and Technology Studies and Teacher's Education (May 2021) & Masters of Integrated Design and Media (Jan 2022).

🏖️ Miami Native, with a passion for creating accessible, interactive, and engaging learning opportunities for K-12 communities and adult learners

📚 I started out working as a Technology Teacher and branched out into teacher's training. At NYU, I was able to work in multiple roles within Marketing, Design and Teaching. This past year, I've worked as an Instructional Design Intern and was promoted to a Senior Instructional Designer at Omnicell. Now, I'm working at Slack, a Salesforce Company, as a Learning Experience Designer, and am creating learning opportunities within their Sales Enablement Team.

💻 As for my future, I hope to one day work within Educational Policy addressing issues of technology inequity within the K-12 space, with the goal of creating accessible learning opportunities for all learners

🎹 In my free time, you can find me playing some keys and singing karaoke

💪🏽 Instructional/Learning Design, Educational Technology, Graphic Design, Video Editing and Storyteller
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